Echoed buildings, empty walls,
no pictures, paint or anyone showing interest;
Somewhere water springs from a source
and you hear it mildly through the open window;
And there's silence, like you've never heard before,
no one tiring you, no expectations,
no explanations to give, and no analyzing,
unless by old, old men who look at you
from above the ceiling (their hiding place) -
they don't stare, no that's rude -
they study your behaviour patterns
and your head that stays up,
your eyes that start to turn down
to the floor, empty, empty -
once so desirable, yet all of a sudden cursed;
But dreams are free and don't cost any,
unless to those who're excluded in the process,
of chasing clouds and rainy moments;
Caring until you can't show happiness towards the sun,
then they run back to their houses,
leaving you with your nerves circling on their toes,
empty in the head, not feeling a thing,
but sadness is the best push back towards your fate.
No annoying standards, or performances
that everyone has seen a million times,
no dramas poisoning the night,
and no people, most importantly no people!
Empty, empty. Where's that building,
that could give us rest, without any one noticing
our absence, no offences, and no screams,
just an empty building with empty walls,
no pictures, paint or anyone showing interest..

Poetry by FrancescaLuca
Read 720 times
Written on 2007-05-01 at 14:06

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I imagine this what a hermit or total recluse is in search of, that total aloness, not for me I'm afraid , but I thoroughly enjoyed the wistfulness of the write.

Rob Graber
Where's that building, / that could give us rest...

This strikes me as stark, but short of thanatos; longing for the restorative powers of emptiness--appropriate for elaborated tubes, tending to accumulate a certain aount of poison, such as we...

Intriguing write; glad to see your work back on the bay!

Catacomb Villain
If you wish to fulfill a dream, it'll cost more then money can buy...That is if you truely wanna realize that dream.
Stay true to yourself, no charades.
If your dream is to be alone then that's easy, but in the company of loved'll need to fight for it...or you will surely loose that what you dream of and that/those that you love.