The End

Live To The Full Is What They Say
Yet Still My Tears Have Not Been Brushed Away

I Hate Myself, Yet No-one Knows
The Tearing Inside, And Slowly It Grows

I Hear The Angels Beckoning Me
Yet So Far Away They Stand
I'll Reunite With Them One Day, My Angels
Though I Lie Far Across The Sand

On My Feet I Stand
Waiting For His Hand

Yet Such A Hand Shalt Never Appear

So Why Do The Voices In My Head Grow Louder
Singing, Crying, SCREAMING At Me
My Angels Leave Me, Why Must They Leave?
I Will Join Them Soon, Far Across The Sea...

And The One I Love, His Voice Unspoken
He Can't Hear Me, I Am Pathetically Broken

Twisted, Disturbed, Psychotic and Insane?
Maybe So, But But You Dont Know My Pain

I No Longer Sleep, I No Longer Know
I Just Can't Understand The World
No Differences Between The Truth And The Lies
So Into Your Arms I Curled

I Love You My Darling
You Just Cant see
Just How Much
You Mean To Me

I'd Die For You, Give My Life For You

I Just Came To Tell You
That I'm Not Afraid
And Down On The Bloodsoaked Bed
There I Layed

Am I Good Enough Now?
Does This Hurt You, My Love?

We Can Be Together Forever
Just Take My Hand
Forget This Life
Come With Me
Dont Hold Back Youre Safe Now

All The Tears And The Blood
The Crimson Regret
The Scars On My Body
They Call To Me

Just End It, You Cant Handle This Life
No-one Loves You
No-one Wants You Here
End It Tonight

So The Blood
The Shot
The Fall

The End..

Poetry by gemma
Read 804 times
Written on 2007-05-06 at 23:32

Tags Death  Psychosis  Suicide 

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Highly dramatic piece! Captured very well in each line, apart from the capitalising, it detracts fromt the fast pace of the poem imo. Thirteen is a vey difficult age, hang on in there and keep writing, you are very good at it. Smiling at you, Tai