Took some time to get it out, but here it goes!!


There was a playground, right there,
We shared our lunches there and played,
All day long until they told us to come in,
It was shelter, it was adventure,
It was our little turf, I guess,

And then, there was a block,
And a street corner, where they played,
They rolled dice, drank beer and yell,
All night long,
It bother the other neighbors,
But I guess, it was their turf,

There is a gap between these two,
Where lies our innocense,
And our ever-growing guilt of what we could be,
And what we could become,
And so it goes,

This abandoned building used to be my school,
I learned more from experience than from books,
But I usually caught up well,
It's kinda like the saying goes,
First you hate the walls,
And then you get used to them,
Until after some time, you depend on them,
And it is painful to leave,
But it must be done,
To go beyond the "turf" and venture to other lands,
Within the world, nature and yourself,

When I first moved here,
I didn't want to go anywhere else,
Until I realize my nature,
You cannot change a desire to seek abroad,
To find other things, to continue to grow,
For without it, you become smaller,
Within a faster world, society and people,

Hold on to the places in time,
The things that make you who you are,
And always will be,
Innocent before becoming overwhelmed by,
Influences and Guilt,
They never leave,
Just close your eyes, walk and even, regress,
To the memories of the place forever trapped in time,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 648 times
Written on 2007-05-10 at 01:34

Tags Places 

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there are places i still want to go
and places i never want to see again
but some of those places made me what i am today
so i keep moving forward because i still want to grow
blue xox

Kathy Lockhart
this is a very poignant piece. It has a beautiful flow to it as well. there's s softness about it like a mother gently guiding, reassuring her child.