This, and a few other texts of which I will signify, is one of many which I have been writing lately. They are all similar, but I've wanted to post them to show people that writing poetry CAN be an alternative to self harm.


I hate you
You dont know how you've betrayed me
You wear a mask over yourself
And deny that you need help

All your amazing friends surround you
Though you dont deserve them
So beautiful, ever last one
Yet you must portray ugliness, into the group

How dare you live? Use up the air?
You are so weak, yet you continue on
I beg of you, let me end it tonight.
I'll bring an old friend, your trusty blade..

I used to love you
when you were so smily and beautiful
Your eyes so innocent and naive
You mean the world to me, now I will see you die

End it all, I beg my love
No-one wants you here
You have nothing left
Under the stone, is where you belong...

Poetry by gemma
Read 968 times
Written on 2007-05-12 at 16:23

Tags Hate  Selfharm  Suicide 

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I love how it's suicidal but it sounds like you are talking to an old friend. Absolutely perfect.