Another of my recent poems, as an alternative to self harm, please, I want anyone to realise how powerful writing can be when it comes to feeling like this.


Its amazing how you broke my heart
Shattered into tiny grains of sand
Yet I dont think I could love you more
Because although broken, my heart still stands

I see you with her, how happy she is
I see so much of me, in her eyes
The sparkle mine once held
Before you burned out all the light

I'd die for you
Alone and bleeding
For I need you so
And will forever keep on needing

Those three words
Such power they hold
To hear then from you
Would be like a fairytale that will never be told

I'd always felt alone
Until the day you found me
That was the greatest time of my life
And always will be

So I ask you this my darling,
Is the blood and the screaming enough?
Because I need you to live
Without you I'll die
My saviour, my executioner, my one true love..

Poetry by gemma
Read 875 times
Written on 2007-05-12 at 16:35

Tags Love  Selfharm  Depression 

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