Written February this year.

It Never Mattered Before Just Now

I love it when you come to visit in my dreams. It's the only way we interact
these days. Otherwise you would be completly vanished. In my thoughts I allways seem to find you. The signal we share.

This night - with curtains keeping darkness outside - you came. I was hiding under the sheets, but you found your way. You allways do.

Love. I fear the word. Feel stupid for letting it penetrate my lips - from the inside. I'd rather have your tongue - from the outside. My body trembles when you weight is pushing me down. My hair wrapped around you fingers. Tangled up in a unison pile. Seemingly everlasting, but no. You get away. Like music into the night. Lost in darkness. Not you - me.

I feel disassembeled. Why not cut off parts that doesn't fit? But there you are again. Making a brief appearance. Busy guy - with time on his hands to destroy me. Every now and then. The enchanting power of his mere being.

Do you love me? Of course I do not ask you. In real life, but in our dream. When you come over. Why do you keep on doing that? Do you intend to, or does it just happen?

Why do I even bother to contemplate these feelings, when I know that with you every bone in my body is where it belongs?

I love you, I tell you. In the dream.

Short story by Tiffany
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Written on 2007-05-13 at 16:23

Tags Love  Dreams 

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