March 2007 I believe...

Scarlet Lips. Dangerous Night.

Letting my tongue run over your lips before I leave. You're left behind - but I have to run. In the door my eyes shortly gaze towards your bed. Then I'm let out of the cage. I fly home.

Empty bottles on the floor I return to discover. Gather the glass. Some shattered bits attract me. Oops - a piece accedentally slit my wrist.

Where do I belong? In this or that cage? I'm not even a bird.

I'm just me. A soul easily attracted to anything but this. I sometimes wonder -have I created you? Before I met you I had disowned happyness. What if you do not even exist.That would mean that my love for you is as unreal as all the gods and godesses the world puts its faith in.

All I know is that I would gladly sacrafice my life for being with you one more night. Even for the fantasy. If that is not love.

I cling to my knees in the corner of my room. I need you. To make the screaming disappear. They're awake. I can't get out. Conquering my mind. Another gruesome battle. The last one.

I hear your wings flapping outside the window.

I unlock the porthole - take the leap. From the ledge I stumble. Scratch your hand. It bleeds - but you have me. Locked inside you.

Poetry by Tiffany
Read 642 times
Written on 2007-05-14 at 17:34

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