Wrote this at work....i haven't written in ages...viscious this writer's block....anyway this one is the same "what's become of man' thing...please comment...im a bit rusty...

An Alien's Vision

Tidings of grief
Bring a smile to his face
Tidings of joy
Make him wither away
Constant companion
His lamp if Iron
A light to outline
His steady outline.
A trumpet to bellow
And shrink the silence
A grainy belt with notches
Secret successes
To be touted
Signals for obeisance.
The flint inside
To save him sorrow
The saccharin outside
To bribe any other.

An alien's vision
Of the descendant of God
What he has become
In the name of his Lord.

Poetry by shar
Read 738 times
Written on 2007-05-15 at 11:03

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Na..me no like..me no understand! me dumb....u go on..write smt simple...soon!

Well written:)