I have graduated from/into a lot of things through the years but most importantly I'm now a graduate! :) Cheers! (And forgive me but the Harry Potter reference could not be escaped!)

B.A (Be a) 'different'!

Everything's rosy in retrospect.
Molehills and mountains alike
turn into specks.

Slit-eyed vanish.
brighteyes focus.
The hand hidden whispers remember
that you forgot to care
that somehow somewhere
you'd found that hair looked the same
gelled or mussed
like dementors vanquished
by a whisper of a patronus.

'Threads' that mattered
weren't tangible.
Not coloured
but ultraviolet.
Never in duplicate
floating free but
gently rooted.

The sudden impatience
for others to mature
now grinds to a halt
with the thoughts they conjure;
of you-
drawn to the allure
of the 'chilled and served'
where the lines blurred
across all that you'd done.
Duplicate, triplicate
All became one.

Poetry by shar
Read 916 times
Written on 2009-06-01 at 17:52

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Those are my fav lines as well. We all grew up and out of it in the end. And now that its over it doesn't seem to matter that much.

Many congratulations on your BA...I am an under graduate trying against all the odds to finish my module right now.

Being a single mum of boys I am a great fan of Harry Potter and his references, these lines rang so true

The sudden impatience
for others to mature
now grinds to a halt

Thanks for the inspiration in a fine poetic romp to the finish line.

Smiling at you