Each room is empty
but your memory lingers on
every wall you painted
before you stop being strong
This is where you stood
to watched your family grow
Each room is empty
but fully of memories known...

Loving home in well kept order
Was always more than just bricks and mortar
This is where your lady lied
you nursed her until she died
In this loving home in well kept order
so much more than bricks and mortar

Oh I wish there had been some way
how I wish, there had been away
to save your house from sale today
I'm glad you weren't here to see
the bidders crowding around eagirly

Poetry by gills
Read 711 times
Written on 2008-05-18 at 13:05

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Helen Warren
Yes memories remain within the person and are held in the mind and heart. Memories are not only held within a room but more so within a soul...
p,s Where have you gone? aren't you on the site???

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
Bricks and mortar can hold so many memories - yet sometimes you have to move on - they can have too much of a hold at times and its not always good - A sad poem, sometimes saying goodbye to something is so heartwrenching