Two children's peices - would love to hear comments gills


in our memories

My Grandma had to go to hospital
Mum said that the doctor's job is to make people better
Grandma has been sick for many months
Mum says I can draw Grandma a picture

Mum got a call from Grandpa
He was at the hospital and told mum some news that made her cry

Dad hugged mum and held her hand
When mum said goodbye to grandpa her voice was all wobbly.
Mum cried and dad cried.

I asked mum did the doctor make grandma better
Mum tried to smile but I knew she wasn't happy

Dad said that sometimes people are so sick that even the doctors can not help them
Mum said that Grandma had had a long, happy life but she was now only alive in our memories

I looked at my photo of Grandma and wonder if she is flying up high in the sky weaving in and out of stars, flying up towards the moon.

Mum tells me stories about when Grandma was a baby
It's had to believe that her kind wrinkled face was once smooth and new

I close my eyes and can remember the times when grandma pushed the swing extra high
Or gave me a secret ice cream 10 minutes before dinner
I can sometimes hear her laughter
And Mum says Grandma will always be alive within our memories

Only on Saturday

I see my dad ever Saturday. Mum stays inside the house when she knows dad is outside waiting in the car to pick me up. Dad doesn't get out ever. He just sits in the car staring out towards the road. He doesn't dare look at the house.

He and mum don't like seeing each other. Grandma laughs when I say that and says
"There was once a time they liked seeing each other"
I can't remember one time. Not one. Grandma says that love doesn't always end the way it starts.

Mum says dad should see me more than just a Saturday
Dad says he has to work so much that the weekends are his only time to sleep.
I think he should just go to bed earlier every night and work less so then we could spend Friday and Saturday together... But I only ever see my dad on a Saturday

Sometimes we drive around and don't talk much. I ask dad where we are going but he just mumbles something, grips the steering wheel tighter and his eyes stay on the road. On Saturday's like these he never asks me how school is going or if I've watched any of the footy games on the telly. When I ask him a simple question he sometimes just looks at me as if he can't see me.

Other Saturdays he turns the stereo up loud as soon as I get in the car. We sing as loud as we can and laugh. We go to the fish ' n chip shop and talk about monster trucks and motor cross legends. Sometimes we go fishing down by the river other times we just go back to his flat and eat spaghetti from a tin and watch old, warped video tapes.

Sometimes he asks me if mum is seeing any men or going out at night
And sometimes mum asks me if dad talks about having a girlfriend
I've never seen dad with a girlfriend
And I've never seen mum with a boyfriend
I just wish I could see mum and dad be friends.

Words by gills
Read 748 times
Written on 2007-09-25 at 12:52

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Rob Graber
Very touching memories!

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
It's quite a story you wrote here, REMEMBERING long lost love ones And HOPING for friendship for the two significant love ones.
I am really touch, especially the latter story. I have that real life experience. I have the same wish too. I hope they are friends now. Great writing my friend.