I have tried to put into words the power of the mind, keeping us focused on worldly events and daily worries. Why worry about temporary things, for when we leave this world we take nothing with us.


Fly the mind with wings unseen
Carried by the pungent green
Journey senses free abound
Soul cries out, mind king is crowned.

Anger feeds the bottomless pit
Devious is the minds sharp wit
Lust and envy cloaked in silk
Hapless soul-force slowly wilt.

Eyes that see not cost of fair
On journeys end cry in despair
Measured every taken breath
As written comes the scythe of death.

In shadow hardened world we toil
Unconscious of celestial soil
When doth comes the sounding bell
Aggrieved soul weeps in front of Kal.

Poetry by Craig Frazer
Read 751 times
Written on 2007-05-23 at 10:19

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Amanda K
it's very strong and well structured.

keep it up,

This poem left me speechless (it should say it all)

Excellent work (bookedmarked)

Well constructed in both content and flow.

lovely thought here G
this poems very well put together and its so true
it comes with a very important message