This one of my old poems, I wrote it when I was eleven. It is a bit depressing for me, I wrote it for a friend who left me. Hope it is good.


Whenever I think of you many memories rise in my mind
It seems every thing has gone leaving just memories behind
I sat all alone in a dark and gloomy place
Thinking of the memories that I can never face
Those memories which made my heart and soul so heavy
Those memories which made my thoughts full of envy
The happiness in my life is all gone
Your memories prick me as a sharp thorn
Your departure from my life made, it dark and murky
I have forgotten my cheers and how I used to be perky
And maybe I'll never be imperturbable again
But spent my life suffering the pain

Poetry by Khulud Baig
Read 536 times
Written on 2007-05-23 at 13:17

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The flow and structure of this is very good as is the content and getting it across to the reader well done.

a very good poem
you write very well
keep posting them i'll be reading

Amanda K
this is such an excellent piece that was gald to read.