Apon the Hand

Parts of you fade in the sand
And wrinkles grow upon the hand
Are you proud of all you've done?
Lost in thought under the sun
And with the dawning of the night
Will the memories be right?
In the shell a sea is born
With empty thoughts the fun has worn

Like the pain hidden so no one knows
Memories like waves come then overflow
Bowl you over for a moment or two
Then pull away again out of view
No glimpse of hope upon the shore
No telling vision to reveal what's in store
Just a lifetime of wonder
With occasional strong bolts of thunder

Sea is forever
Waves come and go forever
The answer must be at the end
Till then keep searching my friend
Time is all you've got
To imagine, dream and plot

Words by gills
Read 584 times
Written on 2007-05-23 at 14:57

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I'm no good at lyrics because I have a job visualizing the music to go with it, so I will say this as a poem its beautiful, its a delight and pleasure to read.