What would your reaction be, when, years after, your lost love comes and stands if front of you? The pain, the anguish, the surprise, the confusion all come in one instance and jumble up to perplex you further...He is gone and you are left thinking...

Strange! When You Came Today...

Strange, when you came today,
Under the pretext of returning my book,
I did not feel the pain, I felt
When you'd then left me for good?
Neither did I feel the blood
Rush through my veins, as it did once...

And I wondered, did you really
Inadvertently, chance upon that book
Flipped through its yellowing pages
Saw my name fading, and touched
Those letters, writ in my heart's blood?
Did a shiver of sensuous joy
Run down your supple spine
Did you then recall my love?
My ardent ardour in that touch...

Did you then debate with yourself?
To return the book and take a chance
Of seeing me at a close glance...

Or, was it that you were missing me
Rummaging through all those little things
So lovingly given to you by me -
Things that you could not part with
Still kept with nostalgic feelings?
And suddenly you wanted to see me,
Very desperately and immediately...
And decided to return the book
Years ago you might have took...

And I am still wondering:
Why my heart never skipped a beat
Why did I not feel the anguish
Of betrayal, felt so bitterly once?

But just a pleasant feeling
came over me a while
(and probably will stay with me for sometime...)

Does it mean that I have forgiven you?
Or, is it that I still love you,
Or, Time, the great healer
has benumbed all feelings... I do not know...

But, to you I will say this:
When you have cleaned all the cobwebs
Off the shelf of your memory,
Peep deep into it and see,
Laden with thick layers of dust
Is there a gem called 'Our Love'?

Polish it up and then see,
Is it of any worth to thee?

Because, after all these years,
The sparkle of that diamond
Still glows within me...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi

Calligraphy 'Concept of love in Shakespeare Sonnets' by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 807 times
Written on 2007-05-27 at 11:11

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... life is such a short travel as we know it and we love and hurt through it ... but our hearts heal and rejoyce all in their own manner and we watch letting life pour its mystery upon us ...

I imagine it must have been a very overwhelming moment ... as memory can take us captive in a second and yet we are there in a different time and place ... you tell of this so well and in such a beautiful way ... showing , hurt and the seed of forgivness ... or at least letting go of times gone by ....

you are such a talented poet ...

hugs & love

John Ashleigh
Omg! What a fantastic write! Even if the 'book' isn't metaphorical it shows a great deal of how you feel, within a certain object. I am deffinately bookmarking it. Regards, John.