Amazing is the journey between two hearts... You never know when the heart will attach itself to someone else... It has its own laguage, its own rules...

Amazing is the journey of hearts:

Amazing is the journey of hearts:
Sometimes eons are traversed
in just a matter of seconds;
Sometimes a lifetime's not enough
to breach the gap-between hearts!

Amazing is the journey between two hearts...

Sometimes you meet a person,
In a train or in subway,
In a plane or just on the way to work;
You have a look and you know
there is something there...
You strike a conversation
And in a matter of few minutes
It seems you have known
each other for years.

Sometimes on the morning jog,
In a jungle or in a park
You meet a person every day
But, never talk-
Though you do say, Hi!
And then one day the person
Does not turn up,
And you begin to think:
'What is the matter, why?'
Then again next day the absence
strikes you,
The very absence of the person
makes his presence felt.
Then sometimes you try and find out
Where that person lives,
You visit him at his place,
And you become good friends.
Discover many common interests in each other
And become companions for life.

Yes, indeed strange are the ways of heart
How it attaches it self to another heart...

Sometimes just a glance is exchanged
With someone, just by chance
A bolt of lightening strikes you
Something strange happens to you.
You just know you have to
know this person somehow.
And start to wait for another encounter,
Then start seeking that person out
You look up in possible places
Where that person could be
You start to visit those places-
A compulsion it becomes with you of sorts.
And you just refuse to rest
Until you've found that person out.
You suffer, and you have
moments of self-doubt:
May be I'll find that person,
May be I'll not?
And when you have almost given up on him,
There he appears suddenly
Out of the blue,
And is standing in front of you!
Your heart gives a leap-
for a moment it stops....
And for the first time you realize,
You are in love!

Strange are the ways of heart
It attaches it self, with another heart
Without even thinking, if it's good or bad...

How it all happens?
Why does it happen?
No one knows when it happens.
Or when it'll start?
Or once it has started,
Where and how,
And when it will stop?

This is what may be, is called chemistry,
This is how may be, vibes are exchanged

This is how the ether flows between two souls
This is how the world goes around....

Strange are the ways of heart...
Amazing the journey of hearts...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright©: Zoya Zaidi

Calligraphy ' Love is not love that alters, when it alteration finds...' from Shakespeare's Sonnet, by and ©: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
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Written on 2007-05-29 at 15:12

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Ronan Ferdinand
Too touching...
It has just everything in it...
Simply superb..

John Ashleigh
You're totally right, pain is part of the package, and so love has its own rules and regulations. And even if someone has the ability to find love by themselves, it has a weird way of biting back. Keep up the good writing.

John Ashleigh
You're totally right. Love does have its own regulations, you can't tell it to love someone, and even if you have that ability, it has the ability to fight back with pain being part of the package. Another good write Zoya.

Amanda K
I could relate to that dear for my love showed up when i was least expected. i was so in work and suddenly he appeared in my life and without i gave it another thought or shot we were so close .well done and thx for sharing your beautiful work.

love ya,Amanda K

Tab Lovelomag 1000 mg twice daily before going to bed and before beginning the day.
See me to make sure whether two far away souls came closer
Poetic exercise needed for sometimes
here you go.

mmmmmmmm, this so good and in my mind and heart so totally true '... and you tell this so gently, so with the knowledge of the strength of thes vibes attatching one heart to another...

thank you for this wonderful write it goes to my favourites and straight to my heart


Yes, you are so right. Hearts do walk their own ways and when the heart decides to speak you have no saying in the matter anymore. :)
It is fantastic when you come to think about it.
Thanks for a very inspiring text.

Wow! No One Has Ever Defined The Hearts Purpose
So Divinely...Loved every verse....

A beautiful piece , Zoya... I enjoyed it.