A Place In Your Heart

beautiful place in your heart is where I long to stay
Where the streets are quiet and I wouldn't stray faraway
Deep down inside your heart is where I long to hide
Faraway from my fears that kill me slowly from inside
Through the scenic boulevards in your heart, we'll walk
Listening to the lovely serenade of birds, as we talk

A dark place shaded in silhouettes of the loveliest night
Where I would feel warm and not die with extreme fright
A dark sky twinkling with so many innumerable, bright stars
That are blindingly shiny and unfolding memories like scars
Is where I desire against all odds, in your heart to dwell
And God knows without it, I'm on earth but dying in hell

A romantic place in your heart is where I truly desire
To live therein, like the flames would always in a fire
And make fine scenery of lovemaking like none would
Taking you higher, farer above the skies and the cloud
To a place where the angels would sing us sweet ballads
Eventually at the heavens where we are no longer ourselves

Poetry by Emesakoru, Emmanuel
Read 626 times
Written on 2005-11-22 at 10:39

Tags Love  Personal 

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A tender expression of a heart that needs the devotion that only love can bring.

Beautifully written.