Your Hold Over Me

There are some mysteries that I can't fathom yet
Like the beauty of the world from afar, at sunset
The shivers of lovers who for the first time met
And the way that I'm trapped in your heart's net

Sometimes, I'm dumb and in total loss for words
Sometimes, I feel like I'm pierced with a sword
Sometimes, I feel terribly weak and vulnerable
Just basking in the comfort of your eyes' paradise

There are some truths that I don't believe yet
That I lose my manliness, head on your thighs
That I feel horses trod my heart in your presence
And my lips quiver when I'm staring at your face

It's totally unimaginable how you wield your magic
Like I found it really hard trying to write these lines
There was a terrible aching and longing in m heart
A yearning that would bring bliss only with your kiss

Poetry by Emesakoru, Emmanuel
Read 723 times
Written on 2005-11-27 at 17:03

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