Not to take pleasure out of others pain - but this is about Paris Hilton...
sorry if u r a fan of hers because I am NOT....

Harassed? princess Paris

So rich she thinks she's above the law
why would a princess sit in a cell for?
Trading nightclubs for cold handcuffs
oh she thinks she's already suffered enough
Now she's thinking prison clothes suck
but she'll keep a journal to earn a buck
3 days into it she's above everyone in the cell
she sobs abit and gets a note to end her sentencing hell
Today the judge ordered her back to do her time
She wasn't crying when she committed the crime
Shes skinny with no back bone
and used to such a grander home...
next time she's drinking
She may even do some thinking
with the bucks that are around her
why couldn't she afford a chiefer??

Words by gills
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Written on 2007-06-09 at 13:54

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David L Wright
The saga of Paris Hilton continues fed by the media frenzy and those who envy her position. It's a good write, still there's another kind of hell waiting for Ms. Hilton it's called old age. Happy trails.

Drink drive and u deserve to serve time

A very bitter write and an example of you definitely taking pleasure out of anothers pain. I hope you don't find yourself in the same position, you never know. Sounds to me you are just as jealous and envious of her success as my version of this disgusting debacle suggests. You should not judge what you don't understand and if she tops herself, you will feel the compounded guilt imo. Tai