As I wrote she watched intently with her beautiful eyes then shook her golden hair and turned her head just slightly and smiled. I became  transfixed in the radience of her beauty . 


You stop Me In My Tracks by M.A.Meddings

 You stop me in my tracks 
That is what you do 
Halt me in full flow 
The beauty of you 
Preventing me from  gathering
All my logical thoughts 
For when I see you look like that 
How they all come to noughts 
And looking like you did 
left me helpless as you do 
Your beauty takes my mind 
That is the magic of you 
You stop me in my tracks

Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-06-16 at 08:17

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true love does that - stopping somebody in his/her tracks...sometimes, when we look at the one we love, we simply remain amazed, as if we were just discovering the inner beauty of that so special person...and this is such a wonderful sensation! you captured this very nice here, Michael! beautifully done!
Lilly xxx

Kathy Lockhart
It is in those moments, those awe-filled moments, which inspire and hold us captive , that we know we are in the midst of something beyond ourselves, something divinely designed. For I too have those moments where I am stopped in my tracks and there's nothing to do but to bathe in the love that we share. Michael this is another beautiful poem from your heart. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyb

Lea Foverskov
amazing piece! a beautiful choice of words

...this poem, one of a beautiful series of love poems from your hand ...., has something so utterly fragile, tender and seeking attached to it ....

to me it is the most beautiful of them all ....

best wishes

Aww... how sweet!!!!!!!
That's really such a beautiful tribute to her. Wonderfully written, made me smile.