This is a rework in english of a song I wrote in German. Physically the two are quite near, but spiritually the cat is still out on the rooftops.

Sleep or Dream

Do I now dream or do I sleep?
Remains to me still much unknown.
From myself such wisdom keep,
'til new day's dawn has itself shown.

Shall I sleep? Yes, I may,
but shall she find her rest too?
Or with each wind is she awake,
as if the breeze with it's breath blew.

'Dream not', says she, with voice softly,
but this he cannot with ease alter.
'Forgive', says she, so earnestly,
that he must and does not falter.

Though she in him simply can't see
what he would wish that he could be—
perchance a prince, her lord or king—
one notch nearer nobility.

For far from this, he's a mere cat,
often about through darkest nights,
leaping from rooftop to sheer rooftop—
the lonely seer of these stark heights.

He's of one mind—only to reach
each tiny window he finds of hers—
to peek and peer purely inside—
behind what each thin curtain blurs,

and with his eyes catch a glimpse of
The brightness glowing there within.
So he beholds but a bit of
the boundless beauty she is to him.

Although her gate, it was not made
for and will not open for him,
he still dreams on and ever longs for
the likes of tenderness within.

And yet, she loves
him... too.
And, yes, she loves
...him too.

May he then learn to understand
when laid to rest, to sleep at last—
maybe then, if, but in the end,
just once, before this dream has passed.

Poetry by Tears in Rain
Read 1325 times
Written on 2007-06-21 at 12:39

Tags Cats  Dream  Sleep 

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