For those who may already know, and those who may not.

Thanks ...

Just a small note to say Thank You.

The Bay is a small sanctuary on the web, a place that those of you who contribute, who participate, who create, have so much to be proud of.

I have been in here for months as a spectator, and there are several people on here who just blow me away. I have been told by others that I am good with words, but I am way out of my depth here, the depth of skill, emotion... so many different talents, who can bring us up, or take us down.

I cannot post on here, because I am not up to it. I will, however, keep coming back to read what you all write.

The spirit of encouragement, the mutual respect, the positive environment that all of you provide for people who deserve to be heard, who have probably been elsewhere and been shot down....

All of you, for your talent, and for your encouragement of your peers, you should all be proud of yourselves.

A picture does not paint a thousand words, a picture just paints one picture.

Words, however, can paint a thousand pictures.

PoetBay is truly representative of the positive power of the InterWebs, and whilst I may not contribute, I will appreciate all of you Wordsmiths.

Thanks, to you all.

Words by Leovinus
Read 854 times
Written on 2007-06-22 at 15:47

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Please read NINE MONTHS on my list of works. It was written by Leovinus. One of the greatest poems I have read , by a long way.
Ken D Williams

Jalaj Soni
No one is a good poet or a bad poet.
Its an opinion. Its always opinions.
One may think you're good, other may think you're bad.
It depends on you, whose opinion you choose to adopt.
Ask, if its bad, why? and also if its good, why?
I'm a below average poet myself (hell! it take weeks to complete a good poem sometimes)
but a friend encouraged me to join this bay and here I am.

Just try. Bad experiences lead to better understanding leading to Good experiences. If YOU think your poems aren't good enough, post it anyway to see what others think of it.

BEST OF LUCK for future.. and yeah, if you have started writing, NEVER stop!
Good day mate :)
(this message is typed in a very positive way. Don't misunderstand anything from the above)

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Yes please keep writing , most of hear are but the same as you. We have ''stuff'' to say. Some such as me have to work against problems. To put our thorts down & share them. So do not deni us your thorts , most important , do not deni your self , please.

Ken D Williams

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
You write, ergo you have talent. Please continue to write your poetry here - don't feel you are not good enough - I'll let you into a secret - lots of us don't feel we are good enough but we write and post and interact - and it does help. Most of the time I think what I write is utter rubbish but I keep on trying, - so please don't think you are not good enough - I think you will find that you are.

Elle x