Seriously depressed:)


I am concealed beneath this mask
With dozens of all the right friends
Who seem to make things happen
In favor of me.
And just the right family:
The doctor, the lawyer, the accountant, the officer
All of us turned out just right!
And success forever in our flight.
And then there's the house with the green lawn
And the white picket fence,
With picture perfect smiles hanging on golden frames.

School is worse:
I never seem to struggle hard
Yet the grades are always just right
The tests always hard but somehow I get by
And again I seem on top of my game.
I am hardly out of school
And the best are scouting me already
I do not seem to struggle for what I get
Yet it just never stops coming.

Then I looked at myself from within
And I looked at myself from the way they see me.
They think I'm as good as perfect
With the perfect clothes and the perfect smile.
But underneath that mask lies a broken girl
Whose tears are just a blink away.
Inside me is a frail being,
Afraid of this world, tired.
No one reaches out
No one ever seems to notice how sad I get at times
Inside the picture perfect house are skeletons in every closet
They are so bold they even dine at our table while we eat
Behind my sister's smile is a grudge against my brother
Behinds my bother's smile is anger towards us all
Behind the brilliant success
Is the need to read more and more so as to think less and less
Of what really hurts us, what tears us inside.

I am not good at exposing who I am
Not even to the apple of my eye
But I feel a need to be locked away in a tiny room
Where I am sure nobody will ever come
Then I want to remove this mask that weighs me down
I want to cry, to sob, to weep
To release the pressure of these pent up feelings
And let my soul finally be free
So that I'd never have to wear this mask again.

Poetry by she
Read 700 times
Written on 2007-06-27 at 13:46

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very sad this poem
but yet its true
i can relate,hidding who you are from others and even worse your self
you write very well
keep at it find yourself and set her free