"The lost soul"

I walked toward the mirror
I find myself in its osean

but you took all I ever saw
in that mirror..
you stole my existens
you let me suffer
for the reason of love
you stole what it didn't ever
belonged to you..
you know that I'll never forgive you
then why are you trying to get me
close to you whom I shame to be with..?!

travel on..
what then you are looking for..
you will not find here..
I've closed my eyes on you..
I'm just gonna laugh about you
you are just not worth "the love pain"

I've learned myself to go on..no matter what
then my life will bring to me I'll be moving on..
I can live without you
I'm much happier without you
you are just not worth "the love pain"

life is simple
you missed your chance
you have to pay it back now
go on and live your life without me
you are just not worth "the love pain"

you spit on your luck
you forgot your past
you lost what you shouldn't
you are just not worth "the love pain"

Poetry by Miro
Read 501 times
Written on 2007-06-28 at 17:37

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great write it took me back when life delt me the same pain keep your head high and continue to enjoy life and smile for where she lost out will be anothers gain stay strong love will come your way and love will then stay.keep flowing enjoyed this greatly!!