A short poem about the path of love

Love Paths

There are many things I could shout at you!
Many things, many things that would hurt you deep
Many things that would send you running away in tears

I restrain myself however and savour the site of you
The way you walk, the way you move and laugh
Yet all I have to remember is the way you leave

As I watch your swaying hips sinking further
And further into the distance
All I can do is cry.

I cannot restrain myself.
I loved you too much, I loved you more than life itself
Yet you loved him more than me

Poetry by Steven Flood
Read 855 times
Written on 2005-11-26 at 09:06

Tags Love  Sadness  Depression 

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The paths of love can be so very rocky and difficult...you seemed to express this sentiment in your poem and you did it with such vivid imagery....loved this one.