The reason for my absence


There are many things,
Things that can cause ones death
As I write this, I am on the verge of death

I cannot begin to express,
How depressing my life is
The only outlet I have, is this poem

I know what I must write
Yet I find it difficult
Feeling overwhelm me, I am drowning

Tears fall down my cheeks
Streams of salty gushing waters
They splash upon the keyboard and my finger slips

I have given up the ghost of love
I have given up the hope of loving again
I have given up optimism

So many things have happened
In a short space
Of but six weeks

The tiny candle of hope has blown out
The candle of love has flickered
The candle of happiness is obliterated

Broken Hearted

Poetry by Steven Flood
Read 1105 times
Written on 2006-02-16 at 10:02

Tags Dead  Broken  Heartless 

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wow,sven,(yes its me,caz) i like reading your poems,this ones great.

Mark Reynolds
it is amazing how certain feelings tend to lead us to writing such great poems.

Great write,
Mark Reynolds

It must have been one hell of a ride for you.
We are glad you came out on top.
Life is not always easy
and we have to be strong to get through
its ups and downs.
Happy to see you again!