I am begging for forgiveness


I stand before you begging
Begging for forgiveness
I hurt you deeply
And I am sorry for it

My mind is spinning
Flying away from me

My heart is ripped from within my chest
Flung upon the ground
Stood upon
It is crushed on its last dying beat

My feelings, my emotions are boiling and bubbling
One moment I am angry
The next I am crying
The final one is, I am sorry

I feel my heart
It is lifeless on the floor
There is no beat of love
It lays dead upon the ground

Poetry by Steven Flood
Read 1102 times
Written on 2005-12-30 at 04:57

Tags Lifeless  Love  Forgiveness 

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I understand your message so well.. It is one that I have tried to understand for many seasons............

Sometimes, our mind realizes that our heart cannot keep us with the tracks of todays wandering train...

Good piece of work...Joel