A short poem of a woman who has lost her love


Stripped of clothes she lay there
Spread eagle upon his bead
She was dreading
Dreading the moment he would awake and demand more

She feared him
Despised him
Wished he wasn't alive
Yet he was there, by her side

As she dreaded she also thought
Thought of the man she could have had
Yet she was lost to him
She walked out on him for this man

He warned her, tried to get her not to go
Yet did she listen?
Obviously not
Now she was stuck with him.

She leads a life of fear
Fear of the man she is lying beside
She tells no one
She fears him more than death

She finds no one way out
She has no choice
She is cornered and lost
Lost in darkness

She knows what she must do
She gets up and dressed.
Tells the man beside her she's going for a walk
She heads to the beach

She lies on the beach and weeps
Weeps for all that she lost
Weeps for everything she could have had
And weeps for the man that loves her

She takes a handful of sand
Runs it through her hands
Remembers how much he loved the beach
He talked about the beach and life

He said that every grain of sand was a person
As each person finds each other the sand re joins
Some never find each other
She knew she never would

As she ran up the beach her tears splashed the sand
She walked up the break wall
All fear gone
And only dread remained

As she stood upon the mighty wall
The wind blew around her
Whipped her hair across her face
A tear streaked her face

As she fell she could only hope
She could only hope that he would forgive her
That she would see him happy
That he still loved her...

Poetry by Steven Flood
Read 933 times
Written on 2005-11-26 at 09:27

Tags Love  Fear  Regret 

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I like this it has good content, and expression,creates good images :-)