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She laid curled around him
Snuggled in the crook of his arm
He lay awake stroking her softly
Wondering of the years to come

He loved this woman more than life
He could not bear to loose her
She could put him through turmoil
She could put him through pain

They shared their vows
Raised the veil
Kissed the bride
And were wed that day

They spent many happy months together
They travelled Europe
They travelled Asia
They travelled America
And still they remained

They had awesome days
And wild nights
Soon she was expecting
Their first child

She cried out in pain
Her back arched
The nurse told him
It was a boy

He was overwhelmed by love
He hugged his wife
She kissed him back
They shared an embrace

The boy was to be named that day
They named him Tom.
As Tom drew close to four they were expecting again

She cried in pain once more
She arched her back again
The nurse told them that this time
It was a girl

They struggled to name this beauty
And in the end she was Jade.
As Jade grew older her parents fought more and more
When she moved out there was no more love

Her parents burning passion for one another had died
Every night it was a chore
Every day they left for work early
She realised what really happens

As time go forwards
Love goes backwards

Many years later Jade was an Aunty
Tom was an uncle
Their children's' grandparents were cranky bastards

The fought non stop
Bitching and shrieking
Throwing and flying

This is unavoidable
It is called age
Many would rather die than face this

Poetry by Steven Flood
Read 912 times
Written on 2005-11-26 at 12:07

Tags Age  Old  Love 

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An age old story my freind, its called complacency where you settle into a rut of familiarity instead of trying to keep it alive, called working at a marriage, a good write though :-)