4 M3

I wore black
Listened to Heavy Metal
Some thought I was strange
I listened to Metalllica
I didn't play sport
I didn't run with the 'in' crowd
I was an outsider...
People easily judge, those that look different, those that stand out
I could have been in the same situation as the memphis three
Because I was different and I read up on Wicker
- I didn't fit in and could have easily been blamed if anything happened
I was the same age the memphis 3 where back in 1993
and alot of people would have spoken bad against me
I did wear black and listen to heavy metal
... I could have been me
sitting in the cell
trying to clear my name
as others dug up dirt
13 years wasted - because they wore black
locked up, tried and convicted - but where's the solid evidence??
3 yound boys brutually killed, who is their real killer?
3 locked up, tried and convicted, but where's the evidence

(Lyrics written in support of cause of Memphis 3)

(Please look into this story if you haven't already - make up your own mind - -
to me this was VERY close to home because I was like them back then....into black and metallica.... please let me know your opinion I have been following this since the beginning '93) Look into this story! Watch the documentry and judge for yourself -

Words by gills
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Written on 2007-07-05 at 15:08

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