Nothing was enough for you

I always tried to speak to you
Yeah I tried to be there for you
And maybe those phone calls in the
Middle of the night wasn't enough

But baby, nothing was enough for you

So talk to the hand because
I don't wanna hear no more
you say I was such a pain to you
How could you believe I would
always be there for you?

I said I would be there forever
but then you made me almost suicidal

Perhaps you just wanted sex
- we all now what it feels like-
But don't believe you're
some kind of sex-God

because everything was over
after your pleasant pleasure

I answered your calls,
you're messages
I called you when you wanted me to do it
but you didn't even give me a thank you

Baby, nothing was enough for you

Poetry by Poetry-poofter
Read 437 times
Written on 2007-07-10 at 23:36

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Very powerful words, as speaking of zealot opposition to this vile creature who demands these things of the narrator. I can taste the passion and anger. Good Work.

Zoya Zaidi
Powerfull text!
Expressed withnpassion and forthrightness!
((Hugs Poetry-poofter)))
Welcome to the Bay!
Love, Zoya

powerfully expressed!!
your deep emotions have come out very well...

its the name of the poem "nothing was enough for you" that has touched me the most with its double meaning!!

kip smiling!