It Takes Two

One can make an evening wish upon a star
Two can make that wish come true quickly
One can stand alone or afraid in the dark
Two can smile to make the dark shine bright

It takes just two baby
Two people to get crazy
It takes only two baby
A gentleman and a lady

One can stay alone in a big, beautiful house
Two can turn that house into a lovely home
One can earn all the money in this world
Two can make all those money worth spending

It takes two to live together
You and me, until we're older
It takes two to spend money
You and me, my sweet honey

One can be so brokenhearted with sad tears
Two can fight this feeling or its rising fear
One can be so desperately fed up with life
Two can be strong together as man and wife

It takes two to tangle
One to make the other wriggle
It takes two to even smile
Or walk down the long aisle

Poetry by Emesakoru, Emmanuel
Read 520 times
Written on 2005-11-27 at 16:38

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