For my 35th birthday, sorry Alanis!!

Thank you

How about saying that I wouldn't finish high school,
How about thinking I wouldn't amount to anything,
How about saying I'm seem to be so over-bearing,
And how about never making your promises stick,

Thank you Grenadier,
Thank you Zazenhausen,
Thank you,
Thank you ignorance,

Thank you Linden,
Thank you Rockaway,
Thank you,
Thank you ignorance,

How about wondering if I'll ever be faithful,
How about assuming that I won't be around,
How about wondering if I ever treat you so trivial,
And how about leaving all these things unsaid, undone and uncalled for,

Thank you Sexton Court,
Thank you Canton Road,
Thank you,
Thank you ignorance,

Thank you Ft. Riley,
Thank you Ft. Huachuca,
Thank you,
Thank you ignorance,

The more I close my eyes to see,
The more I seem to reappear,
And the more I choose to leave the scene,
The more I see things more clearly,

So how about always fortune-telling,
And how about always saying the same things thrice,
How about thinking that I will never find you again,
And how about always having the strength to move on,

Thank you Darmstadt,
Thank you Stuttgart,
Thank you,
Thank you ignorance,

Thank you New York City,
Thank you Hotlanta,
Thank you,
Thank you ignorance,

Yeah, oooh, yeah,
ooooh, yeah,

There is a use for a lie,
Because it helps you find the truth,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 650 times
Written on 2007-07-19 at 16:08

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Happy Birthday Brian!!
a wonderful piece...thank goodness we don't have to live up to what others may think or say about us.....we evolve and grow and blossum into beautiful beings when cultivated in love! You are proof of that Brian...your beautiful soul blesses me always!...and i know all of poet bay feels the same.

~Blue xox

Actually... a cool lyric, I think. :)
Yeah, very cool indeed.