Time to face up and fess up

Clap your hands just a little bit louder

Once upon a time,
There were morals,
Once upon a time,
There was right and wrong,
And we didn't believe too much in the blurs we created,
Like TV, Movies and the News,
But it was us and our leaders,
That change the phrase "In God we Trust" to,
"In Jibba-Jabba we shall Submit",
The mode of "Back to Basics" is long over due,
And the scary thing is that we are so much in our way,
We are starting to forget what the "Basics" were,

Change is good and important,
In order to grow, nurture and be productive,
But it is our past that must never be forgotten,
As a back-story, or in modern times,
A back-up hard drive,
And boy. do we need it now,

There was once a word known as "discreet",
I guess it turned to "Everybody knows way too much",
Ask yourself, "How much do you really need to know about something?",
When someone is really trying to feed you the "Daily Fodder",

Where are we and where are we going?,
It starts with us, you and me,
We are intelligent enough to understand what makes us unique,
The following of the crowd exist to bring attention to a cause or a event,
Not embrace the evr-growing technique of the "double-standard",
I wish I was junkie and just got out of jail,
I can be on Larry Knig, now,
OK, so I'm bitter, but I am a heavy- water drinker,
But what happen to us?, As a people and users of "Common Sense"?,

Just food to feed upon,
As you continue to clap your hands a little bit louder,
To the nonsense we cherish more than the reality,
We continue to run from,

The dancer moves without a trace,

Poetry by Saga
Read 495 times
Written on 2007-07-26 at 03:16

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