In this poem I have described my true life story in the form of a strange dream....



The hills were green

The trees were in a beam

The sun used to peer

To inspect who were there.


Before the sun could niggle

To sort out all the intermingle

Two stars twisted down the path

To avoid the close watch.


They went to the platter

Had a meal together

And went to bed

With full of romance on head.


One started to whisper

With melancholy tone to another.

She was his heart

That kept him alert.



They caught each other so tight

With all their might.

To the peak of glory

That vanished in vagary.


At last they reached to an open ground

Where everything was found

One noticed another shivering

To see the sun light peering


They could see the laughing Sun,

For being successful in making fun.

But it couldn't discern its unlawful act

For it was unlettered to know that.


Again a few days later

A storm came with a letter

That made him scatter

Under the bamboo made shelter.


It reflected as if a film

But it was all a D R E A M......


Poetry by Bhakta Raj Giri
Read 656 times
Written on 2007-08-07 at 17:35

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