Inanimate Beings

Inanimate Beings

These inanimate beings
Work from dawn and dusk
and the vise versa
Refueling at some Buffet
or Burger Kings
or with Energy Drinks
Go On and On
Round the clock
Blink and hunk
if someone blocks,
Or Over Take
for a second
I wish they should have wings
But the legs instead!
Oops! Creator's mistake!
To limit the unlimited
I wonder! What
the planet would look like,
if they were immortals?
I guess! The creator
gave a second thought
or else ......!
These Inanimate Beings!
Would have nipped off the planet.

Poetry by Bhakta Raj Giri
Read 773 times
Written on 2011-01-15 at 05:41

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I like the free and easy use of language to describe the "Inanimate Beings." A very sweet poem, very original and light-hearted. A thoroughly enjoyable poem.

Best Wishes,