Let this forevergy guide us from these places of pain and lead us towards absolution...


I am at the alter staring at a sculpture of a vision of a man...the son of god
He is my brother for I am the son of god as well
Do you really need to be reminded that there is no hell or heaven
There is only a forevergy that lasts past eternity surrounding all things equal...
Do not make yourself out to be better than the others that walk this earth or even the ground itself
Its where you will find yourself when its all said and done, as new life is created from your decaying corpse.
Do not subside and show remorse from these facts, keep your faith in all things good
Do not join a cult to tell you that you will be saved and understood...
Save yourself and be a slave to kindness and mind less about buildings of worship
Speak to god on your own time, in your own mind...that's the only place it exists, as it is different for us all
Do not worship any false gods but me, he commands but see that we all have different points of views and points to plan...so who's right then?
Unless everybody is wrong...and these hymns and songs sung are wasted breaths...

As air crept out of the dying man, he praised the lord his savior
...and its just that...
His lord, not mine, not yours...
His picture to be seen from that bed..and dead he was after the sores brought dread onto him.
Instead of praising love and light he praised images frightened into him as a child.
For if he didn't do...or did do....then he would end up...

...and wild went the temptations in his heart...

They all start innocently when young but progress with unrest and test the limits of man
...as he now stands face front at his pearly gates...
A permanent fixture set within these worldly columns and balustrades...
It was in a column that they wrote about that day, man of the cloth had ripped life from a boys life
When he ripped cloth from his body...and he praised his god when he finally came

Temptation says eyes fixed upon his very own demons
Elation screamed his body while emitting its secretions

As they danced that day with the devil taking the lead...and in him he conceded his life
He was inflicted with strife and in that solitary moment between blinks
His past before him, before he knew anything about being a man, it was taken from him
...and the devil laughed while showering and washing blood and cum from his body
...and us as gods condemned him without a second chance.
Fixating on its romance and envisioning his trance created through sin
We are all sin...as there is no such thing
As there are no more songs, but yet we still sing...

Poetry by TheNakedPoet
Read 643 times
Written on 2007-08-08 at 19:21

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Joe Fern
Absobloodylutely amazing. I dont know how you can write such deep musings in a way that is just touching on the understandable. exellent philosophizing. Religion is such a unique thing indeed...