Have feelings in you

Feel! Feel! Feel!

Feel! Feel! Feel!
Feel that you have never felt
Feel the warmth of feeling
Feel the power of it
Feel, if no one feels for you
How would you feel?

Feel! Feel! Feel!
Feel the nastiest feeling
Feel the most agreeable feeling
For both the feelings are
The elements of your life
Mutually influence you a lot.

Amalgamate your life
With the feelings of
Excitement and boredom
Conviction and doubt
Consciousness and unconsciousness
Satisfaction and dissatisfaction
Despair and hope
Touch and untouched
Sanity and insanity
Compassion and coldness
Wickedness and righteousness,
Move along with life, feelingly.

Feel! Feel! Feel!
Feel each feeling
For every feeling
Fills the feeler
With the intellect of universe
And is the beginning of wisdom.

- Bhakta Raj Giri

Poetry by Bhakta Raj Giri
Read 647 times
Written on 2007-08-13 at 15:38

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