I wrote this today (03.12.05) It's something peaceful over it, and I hope this will give you a little more peace in your hearts. From me to you:)

Into the west

Sleep now my child
Your journey has been long and hard
I have seen children like you grow and die
Just sleep
Let me take you to these distant lands
Hear the waves against the shores
Feel the wind against your cheek
Sleep now
Close your eyes
There's no more weight on your shoulders
All of this old pain will slowly faint
While you wander under the trees
Listening to the silent
Listening to your heart
Rest now, my child
Think that you sail on a cloud
To the most beautiful place
Surrounded by the bluest sea
In the middle of the greenest forest
The destination of your life
Come, let me lead you
Let us follow the sun where it goes to sleep
Not to the eternal darkness
But to the eternal peace

Poetry by Tina
Read 924 times
Written on 2005-12-02 at 12:01

Tags Eternity 

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Thank you alle for your comments... You make me smile all of you

Zoya Zaidi
How full of love & much more...
Eternal sleep...
The escape from the misery from life...
Rest of the divine nature...
In the heaven and skies above...
Good write Tina!
Love it!

Well done Nom this deserves an accolade be it a peaceful one :-))