where'd it go....

(First Verse)

Another stab into my back
Message you sent
Received by you being absent
(Ooh) I wish my heart could clear
The meaning behind you not being here
My heart was hanging on a rope
Filled foolishly with a tiny hint of hope
Now everyone can see what I know
And I have to pretend it isn't so
As a lie try 'n pretend it's different
But you are so clearly absent...
Lost and blind, the path too narrow for my feet
Where am I supposed to go?
Thoughts always end up on dead end streets
(Second Verse)
Uncertainty my daily enemy
Wake tired of the scene I see
I just want my family
Empty chair beside me there
Days are daysharvou
Left missing you
As I lie 'n pretend that it is different
You're so clearly absent...


Words by gills
Read 630 times
Written on 2007-08-28 at 13:40

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