In the rigid corset-of-customs wearing society that i live in, every step i take is closely speculated with hawk-eyed precision.....i cannot live for fear of being buried alive under yards of finely sifted gossip and dagger ended words.....

For if....

What's in a name?
Oh only about a hundred million issues.
For if your name didn't represent one race
And mine another
For if you weren't brought up one way
And me another
For if you knew your *Arabic
The way you know your *Gathas
For if the *Nikah
Was done the way the *Poruwa is
For if you regarded circumcision as extremely hygienic
Rather than just a *'Kona kapana' practice
For if the Islamic annual fast meant more to you
Than mere starvation
For if you took baths on Friday morn, as more of an obligation
Rather than just plain cleansing
For if you would stop kidding me about
Swathing myself up in a robe
For if you frequented *Mosques
The way you visit *Pansalas
For if.....
For if.....
Wait a minute, would I, then, love you still
I think?

*Arabic Language of the Islamic scriptures
*Gathas Buddhist psalms
*Nikah Marriage ceremony in Islam
*Poruwa Marriage ceremony in Sinhalese custom
*Kona kapana Sinhalese lingo for 'cutting off the tip'!
*Mosques Islamic place of worship
*Pansalas Buddhist place of worship

Poetry by stripesnpaws
Read 720 times
Written on 2005-12-08 at 10:22

Tags Sorrow  Life  Reality 

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Simply love the way you fight prejudice:). Good work, keep it up like this!