If you read the text will say itself... It happened 2 days ago, I've never been so hurt.

Sacred friendship

I don't know what to do
You hurt me so
How could you?
You where supposed to be my friend
I took care of you
I loved you
Treated you as my own sister
Or maybe just like a daughter
And this is what I get from you
Do you know how much you make me cry?
I think I loved him
But obviously he loved you
And you just took of, met him
You said to me nothing happened
But how can I believe you?
Friendship is fragile
You broke one of the sacred rules
Please don't even bother try talk to me
I need my time

It's said that you can't trust boys
Everybody knows that
But I thought you could trust your friends
That they never would try taking him from you...

Poetry by Tina
Read 870 times
Written on 2005-12-08 at 12:37

Tags Friendship 

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This happens more oft then not , but when the betrayal is from a close friend it hurts all the more, and destroys the natural instint to trust in those close to you, but that said life goes on my friend and so will you :-))