Spade My hands I used

Great were those moments when we were together
playing sandcastles in the beach
while the waves of water heavily splashing
the fortress of the edifices we built.
As a spade our hands we used
rebuilding the fortress we erected.
Guarding from water splashing waves attack,
The east air crushed the towers of the sky.
Arches one by one fell, as though blown by a storm.
As a spade our hands we used
rebuilding the fortress we erected.
Clouds of darkness came near
sprinkling its bulging burden of nature.
exploded in haziness, turrets of the sky
obfuscated the scenic view.
As a spade our hands we used
rebuilding the fortress we erected.
In my surprised you gripped your fist tightly
and hammered with great force the fortress we protected.
The foundation shook and cracked
damaging the epitome of our dreams
As a spade my hands I used
rebuilding the fortress we erected.
Fierce like a tiger, hungry like a wolf
you left me fresh scratches.
You turned me upside down
and left me in despair for immortality to be swallowed.
As a spade my soul I used
rebuilding the fortress we erected.

Poetry by Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
Read 541 times
Written on 2007-09-25 at 11:38

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made me trail into the story of two friends losing each other over time because one of the hearts turned itself off to the other... this is where your words send me... a beautifully detailed poem, i enjoyed a great deal how you've written this... thanks :f xx

Rob Graber
I agree with Juniper: That is a well-crafted transition indeed!

Lea Foverskov
beautiful write! i love the way you repeat the words, but then gradually change the line "as a spade our hands we used" - great work, very symbolic.

once i built a sand castle
i erected his name on the front
the wave couldn't swallow it
the wind couldn't blow it
and the rain didn't fall
but he came with a spade
and smashed it
he said its too small
now we are building a house together
this time we will erect our names on the front

it was nice to read your creation
thanks a lot