A tribute to all the mothers in the world. In Thailand August 12 is the QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY at the same time THE MOTHER'S DAY.


I was sitting cross-legged when a tangerine man walked and went up stage.
He looked so divine with seriousness on his face. I could see neither ill feelings nor a sign of rage.
He sat with graciousness. He talked with compassion. He delivered the message loud and clear.
"Today is the day to remember, pay homage, say thanks and offer your success to your mother dear."
He continued, "Words may not be enough in expressing your gratitude to her; none the less those are the best."
In addition he said, "She is your one and only- an icon with all the embodiments of beauty laid in a crest."
Then, he pointed out, "She is the lighthouse, the anvil, the cascade, to name a few of her epitome."
In conclusion, delivering in a light voice he muttered, "She is a far beyond compare effigy."
I and we were struck with awe. Silence ruled the hall. Waiting, wanting to hear more we kept ourselves still.
As silence enveloped us, the mouse murmured twice. Sounds and visions made us all thrill.
An attestation of a son's life and her mother's feat appeared right before us - a memoir worth reckoning.
In a split of a second, arrows struck deep down into our hearts. They bled. We cried. The hall was raining.
We were tears wet, we were sighing, we were reminiscing, a sense of belongingness engulfed us all
An ideation came into me.- " A MAN will possibly abandon his MOTHER but SHE can never will." I would always recall.

Poetry by Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
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Written on 2008-08-09 at 03:38

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
LOVE this, the
quote at the end is
just so powerful.

A moving write.