A Progeny, A Gee

Ever and anon I envisage that when you are mellowing old,
you must demean as a Gee and always a man.
Society's expectancies are so gordian to behold
that when you shy away you will be ban.
So, what I did was to mind without further ado
just to quadrate the sine qua non and gratify all and sundry.
But, as time passes by as the sun shines on me through
I looked into my shadow and I saw the two sides of me
one being a Gee and the other being a slip of a boy.
Can I be a Progeny and at the same time a Gee?
I said to me "What happened to my being a slip of a boy
when every time since then I acted like a Gee?"
I guess the Progeny in me can edify what and how I can be.
The why's are for the Gee to spell out in a modest utterance
So that the youngling will get the drift and plainly see,
the labyrinthine of a Gee who needs deliverance.
In perpetuum, I fancy that a Gee must father a Progeny.
And lead him to the right path of eternal wisdom.
But, now I realize that in the eyes of a progeny
reposes the betterment of a Gee in the days to come!

Poetry by Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
Read 438 times
Written on 2007-10-04 at 16:00

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