Memo To Man

Stop killing MY trees that sway in the breeze
For they shelter MY birds and MY bees.
For they give fruit and shade rubber and marmalade
Oh stop killing MY trees if you PLEASE!

When I made MY first tree, t'was not only for ME,
But, for all mankind who on earth are born,
For the children at play every morning each day,
I made them too for all those still unborn.

When I fashioned each leaf, t'wasn't easy nor brief.
But, I crafted each root and each vein
Your heart knew each tree was a present from ME
When you killed them, It was I who was in pain.

From your birth to your death, as you live as you breath,
From your cradle to your earthly barrow
From your shelter against the heat to the shoes on your feet.
Start caring or the earth will be in sorrow.

Poetry by Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
Read 527 times
Written on 2007-10-04 at 16:06

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This poem is wonderful, really I love it

Kathy Lockhart
a beautifully written poem with such an important message. : )

Lea Foverskov
wonderful, great poem! and so important to get that message out there!


Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Very important message. A parallel story: my poem "The Crying Tree" from 07-05-26, archive page 3 at bottom.