Well, another text, just as Sacred Friendship... I wrote 3 poems when that stupid episode happened. Everything is fine now by the way, but I think these texts are very good and shows all the pain I hade inside at that time..

An Angel Guardian

You're one of my greatest friends
Yet, you betrayed me
Yes, I will use that word, betrayed
In friendships there are several rules
Because a friendship can break as fast as its starts
One of the most important rules is:
Never try getting one boy you know your friend likes!!!
It's just like a number one rule
The one rule you broke
I love you, I care for you, and I wish you all the best
You know I do
But I think I loved him
For the first time I was in love with a boy who wasn't an asshole
I didn't want you to come that night
But you came
Maybe I was to kind
Maybe I just have to thank myself
But you broke the rule anyway
How could you?
For all the times I've helped you, supported you, took care of you
This is how you repay me?
I know he sent you messages
I thought you where so beautiful and all that
Maybe I shall be angry on him too
After all, he broke me heart
He kissed me; I thought it was something in the air
But it was all in my head
My fucking head!!!
I'm so stupid
How can anyone love me?
But you two dragged me down
I don't want help from you to get up
I can take care of myself
I've always take care of myself, always
I know how to handle me
Even if I make bad decision sometimes
You are my friend
How could you?
It has happened so many times
Not with you, but with another one
But did you have to do it too?
I'm so cold here I sit writing
Its winter outside
Soon it is Christmas
I don't like Christmas, it's too much
Too many things have happened
And now this
I gave him my life
I told him so much
Something that even some of my best friends don't know
He kissed me
He fucking kissed me!
Why do you have to drag me down in the mud once again?
I was doing so well
It almost seemed that my life would change
Finally rest
A peace in my heart and mind at last
But now
No rest on me
I'm tired
So damn, fucking tired
Curse you
I still care for you
And I still love him, in a weird kind of way
No rest and no love for me
It wasn't meant to be
I wonder what you're doing now
Maybe you kiss
Maybe you're apart
Maybe you lie in your bed
I don't want to think
It's to painful
Again I am alone
It wasn't my time
It is never my time
I just have to sit on the fence
Nice and smiling
See all my friends live their life
I'm only a shadow
An angel guardian
That whisper in your ears when life doesn't go your way
An angel guardian
That sits silent and nice on the fence
Looking at the world as it passes by

Poetry by Tina
Read 914 times
Written on 2005-12-10 at 15:28

Tags Friendship 

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Zoya Zaidi
That is good cathartic poem
To get it out of your system...
But, a golden rule of poetry is beauty,
Words have a power to impress themselves upon others,
So, in your place, I would have avoided the expletives, they kind of mar a good poem, just as cuss words mar a good cultured speech...and poetry is the highest form of literary expression! Right?
Just a thought, since we are friends now!

i don't even know what to say.
a typical scenario, don't worry your time will come. and maby, if you're lucky, you'll get revenge.
keep on rockin' in the cold world:)