I was trying the Rondeau form out and this is how it came out... hope you enjoy it~ I Apologies for any mistakes.

Fame, Dependency and Lost

The world whispers a name,
Blessed fortune an unstoppable flame,
Unto Croesus wealth he soar,
Until he reached the very core,
The more famous he became,

Jealous, wondering hands move to maim,
Waiting for the day he turns lame,
The poor and abandoned he ignore,
The world whispers for him to be tamed,

A day comes when Midas touch he can't claim,
Dreams disappear to shame,
Enveloped in a place he is abhorred,
Human pain he bear,
Sweet success is blamed,
The world whispers no more name.

Poetry by syer
Read 517 times
Written on 2007-11-05 at 11:01

Tags Fame 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
I really like the flow, it is
a very easy-to-read poem, but
i was wondering if you could
explain to me what Rondeau form is?

Welcome to the Bay :)


Zoya Zaidi
This is beautifully done dear Syer,
The content, the thought and the poetic quality all are Superb!
Welcome to the Bay!