Blue Eyes Flaunting Great Seas of Knowledge

If only I didn't love you so much.
You are in my heart.
You are the keeper of my heart.
You are the sunlight seeping through
the windows of my heart.
You are the violet I think about
in my heart.
You are the veil of lust falling across
the face of reason in my heart.
You are the tenderness I feel inside of my heart.
You are the cry of desire rousing me from the dark
crime of loveless sobriety in my heart.
You are blue eyes flaunting great seas of knowledge
pounding waves throughout my heart.
You are the bony hand of masturbation in my heart.
You are the wet carnation of aching want inside of my heart.
The ragged purple thorn of out of control desire
pricking my bottom, the heavy smell of stainy love
in the bedroom of my heart.
You are the kiss of spring come morning
with sleepy lids and stubbled chin.
You are the stone curfew I rely on,
the shooting star, the wound I can't put a name to.
My mind is dead, my soul is lost, my heart is all.

Poetry by Lisa Zaran
Read 1098 times
Written on 2005-12-13 at 23:29

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Shawn Monahan
I really enjoyed your poem- you seem to play on somewhat of a paradox here (that I have found to be true of love). The heart in the poem is seems to be struck by both light and darkness. The lighter phrases..sunlight, tenderness, kiss of spring...all existing with the darker ones...dark crime, ragged purple thorn, wet carnation. Like a rose and its thorn? This was my interpretation- you do well to describe loves' many angles.

munir mezyed
very romantic and sad
munir mezyed

otteri selvakumar
Too well