it's about me, my love, about her, my life &.............

My tryst with love..........

I owe to thee for her fraternity,
I owe to a pal for her maternity,
She gave me birth, she gave me life,
She brought me up from a cluster of knives.

She's the one who makes my life jolly,
She's the sole between -`karma, confessions & holy................. And 'tis the reason why I owe her my life.......

I know I'm beggin for the impossible thing,
They call me a loser yet a king,
Who lost everything but has enlightened his soul,.
Only to remain adamant for his goal.

They call me insane,
They recognize me as same,
Not knowing that for god,
Criticizing a lover is a shame..

Life begins .......& an inch closer death arrives,
In the journey of life a lover has to strive.

An era ends, legends die,
But a divinity of a lover'll remain undie.

For someone whose life too began....
In the midst hour of Christmas,
He undeniably has kept up his promise with Jesus..

No wonder his heart still remain torn,
Every Christmas a incarnation'll be born.

" A Ballad of love from a bleeding heart "
is what makes his love immortal from the start.

Heavens door for him,
Remain split wide open,
But he'll rather accept a `Love in hell than............. a Life in heaven`.

Poetry by nirvana- AN ODYSSEY
Read 788 times
Written on 2005-12-16 at 11:30

Tags Love  Friendship  God 

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